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Guest Blog on Create Write Now!

When I had the idea to offer online  journaling workshops  I mentioned it to my sister.  It turned out she had recently taken a journaling workshop with Mari L. McCarthy through the website Create Write Now and suggested that I check it out.  I put it on my to-do list where it sat idly.  That is until said Sister interviewed Mari on her own fabulous blog Muddying The Waters.  I clicked the link she provided and was immediately inspired.  Create Write Now is a remarkable site for journaling!  It has workshops, tips, blog posts, eBooks and a wonderfully supportive hostess in Mari L. McCarthy.  I signed up for two workshops on the spot! Read more


Do you like to do jigsaw puzzles?  This was a question posed to me the other day which led to a really interesting discussion.  The answer was yes, I love them.  And I do. When I get a craving to do a puzzle I will take myself on a gleeful shopping trip to purchase the perfect one.  Or, because I have other puzzling friends (that didn’t come out quite right), I head to my closet to choose one acquired in a trade.  Then I will grab my puzzle board, pour the pieces into a box and dive right into the fun! Read more

Wonder and Possibility 101

Yesterday I went to New Haven with my Mom, who is visiting from the West Coast.  I like to take guests to New Haven because I find it to be invigorating.  Particularly because of Yale.

Seeing Yale for the first time had me star struck.  On the occasion of that first sighting, my friend was taking me to Naples Pizza, a place he loved that happened to be in New Haven.   As we were driving through downtown he casually pointed out the window and said: that’s Yale.  Yale?!?  THE Yale? The famous university, pinnacle of education?  Why are we talking about pizza when Yale is right here?!?  I was blown away by the beauty, the architecture and the sense of SOMETHING is the air. Read more

This Thing and That – Oct Newsletter

When people learn that I am a yoga teacher they tend to conjure up ideas about my personality. For example, here are three things sometimes assumed about me based on my profession:

1) I am calm all the time
2) I cook, usually from scratch, with organic, wholesome ingredients
3) I enjoy nature, the outdoors and hiking

I have seen more than a few surprised faces when I reveal that none of those traits describe me. Read more