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Day 18

On Day 18 the movie viewing stopped. This end was foreshadowed on Day 16 when, after viewing The Impossible, I checked my phone to find 3 urgent texts from my sister. My Dad was at the doctor after falling down and not being strong enough to pick himself up. While this was upsetting, it was also somewhat expected. We had been concerned about my Dad’s health for some time. We asked him repeatedly over the past two months what might be going on. We inquired, nagged, prodded and guessed until we were blue. He is an extremely private and independent being, so we got nowhere. We were worried about this turn of events, of course, but also found ourselves relieved that he would finally get checked out. Read more

Movie Reviews: The First 10 Days

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have always secretly yearned to be a film critic. Roger Ebert, in my view, has the greatest career ever. He excels at what he does and what he does is watch movies (awesome) and then write about them with eloquence and style (even more awesome). Alas, I am not Roger Ebert. But I won’t let that stop me from offering my unsolicited opinions of the first ten films of my 31 Days, 31 Movies challenge. Read more

Keep Coming Back – January Newsletter

Creating a healthy habit requires several things. Firstly, you have to want it. Then you have to make it possible and commit to it. The other piece of it, which isn’t talked about enough, is that you have to be willing to forgive yourself if you falter. Read more