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Night at the Museum

I recently finished Lisa Olson’s 8 Days of Joy Workshop. One day our assignment was simply: do something that brings you joy.  What fun!   Since I was going to be in Philadelphia for the weekend I knew this would be a cinch.  There are many things I love about traveling to different cities.  Among my favorites is visiting Art Museums.

It fills me with a sense of pride to reflect on the many museums I have been to throughout the US and Europe. Seeing a famous painting can render me starstruck.  The Vermeers in Amsterdam, Rodin’s The Thinker in Paris, Picasso’s The Old Guitarist in Chicago; all of these stopped me in my tracks and made me cry. The Louvre and The Uffizi hold wonderful memories for me, mostly because I sprinted through them to see their crown jewels: The Mona Lisa and The Birth of Venus respectively. I genuinely appreciate the classics from great masters, but I am a Modern Art girl at heart. Read more

The Friends We Made Along the Way: A Love Letter to Sacramento – by guest blogger Muddy Kinzer

Luisa’s note: Muddy Kinzer has a wonderful blog, Muddying the Waters, where she makes you laugh, cry and totally relate to the joys and trials of motherhood, our current culture and finding yourself within it all.  Not only that but you’ll pick up some fabulous book recommendations and even the occasional recipe! 

Sure, she is an amazing writer, but my favorite thing about her is that she is my sister.  We recently shared  the difficult experience of cleaning out our Dad’s house after he passed away. She wrote about it with her usual charm and  I am delighted that she agreed to jump on over to my site and share it with us.  

Here is Part 1 of her Love Letter to Sacramento:

Moving is no easy task. Sorting through all of your personal belongings to determine which ones will make the move to your new home, carefully wrapping dishes and glassware with layers of bubble wrap, packing clothing, sentimental trinkets, sheets, towels, important paperwork, and small appliances, and arranging for the transportation of all of that plus the furniture can take its toll. But there’s a reward at the end of this journey: a new home—sometimes in a new city—and a new beginning.

But what do you do with an entire lifetime of someone else’s cherished possessions after they pass away?

That is the job my sister Luisa and I were faced with last week. Except there was no reward to be seen at the end of our journey: just more in-our-face proof of the fact that our dad was gone.
Luckily, we had a lot of help. Read more


One of the sweetest moments of the year is that first glimpse of flowers breaking through the earth, showing their green. It signals that something beautiful is about to arrive, something just beneath the surface is getting ready to reveal its glory.

I savor the potential that permeates spring. It makes me consider my own potential. What is within me, just beneath the surface, waiting to rise? When I think of this I get a vision.  I picture myself bringing home fresh flowers on a regular basis, reading more quality literature and watching fewer episodes of Project Runway and the Big Bang theory, taking walks with my boyfriend and doting on our apartment, spending long lunches with those I hold dear, rekindling my passion for playing guitar. To be this me, I need to break through my patterns, just as the flowers need to break through the earth. Read more