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Is That Mustard?

We spent last Sunday in Brooklyn with some of our favorite people, family that we dearly love. We wandered through DUMBO and took in beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from the other side. Rain was in the forecast, but it didn’t happen. Instead there was a summer breeze off the East River as we meandered with ease, enjoying new sites and good company.

It was one of those special kind of days. You know the kind, right? Everyone is happy to be where they are and to be together, unattached to any agenda, merely open and contented. Sometimes everything just lines up right. Read more

National Dance Day!

Saturday July 27th is National Dance Day!  This was started by Nigel Lythgoe (of the great TV show So You Think You Can Dance and the wonderful charity The Dizzy Feet Foundation), to help promote dance and all its many gifts. There is a gala, a couple of dance routines that anyone can learn and events where people can get together and dance, dance, dance.

I am all for celebrating dance because it has tremendous significance in my life. Somewhere in my DNA there is a strand of pure boogie!  Even though I was shy and unsure of myself as a young girl, once I ascended the steps of any dance studio and caught the smell of rosin and sweat, I felt fine.  It was easy for me to take my place in a studio, all wood and mirrors, among the other dancers warming up, awaiting the start of class.   Read more

The Pursuit of Happiness

Having recently returned from vacation, I have a renewed sense that happiness is a worthwhile pursuit.  This may seem obvious but it has its complications.  Scratch that.  I have made this pursuit complicated in my own mind.

I am a happy person.  Sure, I have a tendency towards melancholy, we are never one thing only, but constitutionally I am happy. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes I feel bad about that. Read more