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Summer of Workshops

This Summer I got the hankering to do a workshop. Having spent a lot of joyful time creating my own workshops to host, I felt open and ready to see what others were doing. Plus, I was needing something. A little boost, some inspiration and a journey inward. To my grateful delight, I came upon three soul-filling workshops and plunged right in! Read more

Ode to Whimsy

Each season of the year has an essence, a theme, a distinction. We note a certain feeling in the air. Seasons are one experience that we all share in together. No wonder we like to talk about the weather!

Summer is sumptuous. It represents freedom and ease. We learned this as kids, of course, when Summer meant three months with no school! We’d get to play and relax. There were fewer obligations. We’d awake with a tiny sense of wonder, because there was no routine. Each day held the promise of nothing … and everything! Read more