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The Glass Menagerie

Staying true to my Theatrical Plan to see a show a month, I headed to the city on Saturday to get in my September viewing. Since there was nothing special I was yearning to see, I figured my best bet was to go to TKTS, check out which shows were listed and choose something on the fly. It was my preference to see a play rather than a musical and it turned out my choices were limited to three. One of them was the newest production of Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie. For me, a no brainer.

I have been a fan of Tennessee Williams since we were first introduced in high school by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Daniel. I like the slow, southern heat of his words and the sweaty tension within and among his characters. I have read many of his works, most of them multiple times. My favorite has always been The Glass Menagerie. Read more

Play Ball!

I wrote this piece in the 2012 but the hero of my tale, Stan Wawrinka has just earned his way into a Semi-Final of the US Open. It is his first time getting to a semi-final in a Major, a terrific achievement. I feel oh-so pleased for him and am re-posting this in his honor.

People are often surprised to learn that I am a sports fan. It appears to be unexpected. But I gain a lot of insight and inspiration from sports. In particular, I am a BIG fan of golf and tennis. Since these are individual sports it is easy for me to imagine myself in their shoes, vicariously suffering their defeats and reveling in their triumphs. I watch in awe as they endure all that pressure, hone their craft with such dedication and persevere through obstacle after obstacle to achieve victory! What’s not to love? I totally admire them. And I feel their pain. Read more

Hot Shot

When I was in third grade I was bullied by a group of girls who were alternately my friends and my enemies. On any given day it could change, there was no logic to it. When they were friendly, I felt included and basked in their approval. But I knew this was fragile and could disappear at any moment. And the bad days were bad. So, of course, I tried desperately to figure out how to stay in their good graces.

This was a time when satin jackets were all the rage. Think Charlie’s Angels and roller skating. All my “friends” had them and so, naturally I thought I should get one too. Maybe this would make me fit in enough to be liked more consistently. Read more