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Curtain Up!

Last June I made a pact with myself to see one Broadway show a month for a year (you can read about that here). All of this as a lead up to this season’s Tony Awards, which I plan to attend on June 8th. As pacts go, this was a ridiculously easy one to keep.

My love of the theater began long ago. I specifically recall seeing The Music Man as a young girl. At that time I played the flute and my parents thought maybe I’d want to play in an orchestra someday. Eyes wide, practically floating out of my chair, I knew that I did not want to be in the orchestra pit. I unequivocally, without out a doubt wanted to be on that stage. Read more


Coming out of this loooong, coooolllld, snowwwyyy winter, we are all looking closely for signs of Spring.  Thankfully we see them: the air is starting to shift, the blossoms are beginning to give hints of their arrival and the birds are warming up their voices for a sunrise chirp.

One sign of Spring that has caught my attention unexpectedly this year is laughter.  I hear giggles and guffaws all around, some coming directly from me!   Silliness seems to have sprung.

This eruption of laughter is true cause for celebration.  As we become less guarded against the chill and shed a few layers of clothing, we lighten up.  The skies have cleared giving us the sense that good times may well be imminent.  So we laugh.  It is a fabulous feeling! And to really crack up, I mean fully lose yourself to it, is one of the greatest perks of being human.
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