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Courting Change

Change comes to me on a breeze. It is a whisper in my ear, a stirring in my belly. It gives voice to a place in my center that says: life is wonderful, but it is time for a shift.

When this breeze of change taps me, I don’t always know what to do with it right away. It takes some processing and logistics and a healthy dose of resistance, too. Change is never easy. Maybe I should just stay right here, what is wrong with right here?

In truth, nothing at all. I take great joy and pride in having many interests and outlets for my work and my creativity. But lately I have felt scattered rather than diverse. So I am ready to, oh so delicately, carve away some things and alter my schedule a bit to reveal … space. What I feel I need most is simply space. Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tonys

Last year I made a plan to see a show every month and then go to the Tony Awards.  It was a project chosen to celebrate my love of theatre and give myself an adventure.  I did it just for me.  But, as it has turned out, I have not been alone on this journey!
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