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Studio Spaces

The narrow staircase of a dance studio has special meaning for me.  I walked up my first important stairway to dance at age 13.  It was downtown Riverside, California at a magical place called Studio 9.   Ever the latebloomer, I was too old for the kid classes and had start in an adult class.   This turned out for the best.  It is my fashion to do things in a roundabout way.

The space was small and a little awkward, just like me,  so I felt immediately at home.   I was taking classes and performing with a group of people who were unique and imaginative and kind.  It was my first exposure to real creative collaboration and to the unique bonds of friendship that remain long after the curtain closes.  That staircase led me straight to my self. Read more

My Notebook

I process my thoughts and feelings in writing much better than I do using spoken words. So, as you might imagine, my journal is a one of my most valued possessions.

Once upon a time I would hand-pick my journal, something pretty with texture and color, and I would use it exclusively for ramblings of the mind. These days, I use a simple spiral-bound notebook and fill those pages with all sorts of things. Thus, it becomes a bit of a time capsule for me.

My latest notebook has been with me since the start of this year and I have used it for everything: lists, calculations, plans, notes, ideas, etc. The sight of its sky-blue cover fills me with affection. I know it will listen to whatever I have to say. It will help me solve riddles and make decisions and express feelings. It will supply the solid lines and spaces for me to do the work that is needed on any given day. Read more