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This past week I taught a yoga class. Even though I teach yoga all the time in private practice, this was the first time in a long time I stood in front of a group of students to teach.  It was at the wonderful Ganga Flow Yoga studio where I am going to start teaching regularly so it was an introduction of sorts: me to the students, the students to me.  Let me tell you something, I was NERVOUS! Crazy nervous.   It reminded me of something I wrote several years ago about fear. I thought I’d to share it again since, clearly, it still applies. 🙂

Is it possible to be thankful for fear?  I mean the kind of fear that gives you a nervous belly.  The fear that makes you question why the heck you ever said yes to the thing that has you fretful. Like a first date or a new job or taking that solo trip to Europe.

That kind of fear is a funny thing.  I often stand in front of groups of people to teach or sing or dance.  For some, this is a huge fear.  But given the choice between speaking in front of a hundred people and, say, throwing a dinner party, I would take the public speaking gig every time.  No question.

Many of you throw dinner parties on a regular basis and might be thinking I am bit crazy right now.  But that’s fear for you.

The key here is desire. I am afraid to host a dinner party but it doesn’t bother me because there is no real desire in my soul to do so.  I am content to look upon all the great hosts of the World with awe and wonder!

On the other hand, I really want to share yoga and dance and music with people.  I am putting myself “out there” and I get nervous for sure, but my desire outweighs my fear.  At least in theory… Read more