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Sparkle and Quirk

I stand before my closet of clothes. These are all clothes I picked out, perfectly fine clothes, but nothing here feels right today. Nothing says “ME” exactly. There are parts of my personality that are simply not expressed by any of these garments.

I go shopping to get something new, the proper outfit for who I am in this moment, on this day. I find a cool, hippy-chic dress. It’s a little showy, interesting and FUN. I take a twirl in the dressing room and admire my image in the mirror. Yes, I know that girl; confident with some sparkle and quirk. Me! A definite yes.

Standing in line to pay, an odd feeling comes over me … doubt. This dress reflects how I feel, but it is a departure. Questions arise. Is it too much? Maybe it is too showy. Can I pull it off outside the dressing room, where people’s expectations of me may not jive with this choice? I was so happy and free wearing it just moments ago, but now I wonder. Maybe I look too good in it, maybe I feel too confident. That feels risky somehow. Read more