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California Connection

Southern California was home for the first 19 years of my life. It witnessed my formation and, of course, it helped to form me. The area that saw you grow up always has a special place deep within you. It is an identity.

My boyfriend Jesse and I met over twelve years ago while living in the same apartment building in Milford, CT. As we were getting acquainted we learned that we both lived in Southern California as kids. He and his family moved there from Connecticut when he was eight years old and stayed there until he was thirteen.

This California connection gives us a shared knowing of a place that was integral to our lives. We both listened to the Mighty 690 radio station, body surfed in the Pacific Ocean and loved Chocolate Malt Krunch ice cream from Thrifty. Not many people in Connecticut have those reference points. Read more

Ebb & Flow

There is an ebb and flow to virtually all things. It is nature’s way. The tide must go in to come out, our favorite Season builds slowly and leaves briskly. (Our least favorite seems to last forever.)

We are nature and so it is the same for us. Though, it can seem as though we should be able to produce results constantly, steady climbs are not without their fallbacks. As humans, we often resist our nature and so we can feel that if we are not flowing, we are failing.

This summer I expected that, with some extra time and an infusion of sunlight, I would be inspired to write and write plenty. But I had nothing. All ebb, no flow. I tried to sit myself down and just write anything. All I managed were several fractions of a blog, none of which added up to a whole.

Though my usual tendency would be to plunge into a rabbit hole of fear that I will never again have a worthwhile idea, this time something interesting happened. I didn’t crawl into a hole, I actually climbed out of one. Read more