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This is a piece I wrote back in 2011.  Seeing as it is October and I find myself making some changes, it seemed a good time to dust it off …

I am collector of hats.  Not the fancy fashionable ones.  No, I am talking metaphorical hats here.  I wear many in my life and, more specifically, in my avocations/occupations, both the ones that earn me money and the ones that don’t. (Yes, I have some bargain bin hats but I love them just the same!) Lately I have taken to wearing multiple hats at the same time. This seems to be making my head heavy. You would think that this head-heaviness would motivate me to pare down my collection but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Classically October is a big “hat” seeking month for me.  I get restless and want to DO stuff.  Take some classes, make big changes, and be bold!  I look around at my collection of hats and none of them seem good enough.  Usually I just dive in and go get more, but this year I pause and ask myself: What’s with the hat hoarding, Luisa? Read more