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Jar of Ten

There are two things you may or may not know about me:

1) I have a hard time being consistent
2) I’m a girl who loves a project

A project requires planning and creativity (love), presents challenges that require problem solving (love), gives one a sense of purpose (love) and when you reach the end you can sit back and enjoy the result (love).  Then you get to start all over with the next project (LOVE)!

My struggle with consistency is that it doesn’t check any of those happy boxes.  Being consistent requires discipline and commitment, virtues that seem to have been misplaced somewhere within my cellular make-up.

But I do know from experience that consistency can be extremely rewarding.   For example, regularly meditating or journaling makes me feel so much better.  Ditto with exercising, practicing any beloved skill (guitar, vocals, dance) and staying on top of life’s chores.

I’ve been remiss in my good habits lately and have felt the need for a project to help me, so the other day while stretching after dance class this thought popped into my head: you need to make a Jar of Ten.

What the heck, you ask?  Let me explain. Read more


Luisa’s note: This post is written by Jennifer Blankfein, one of my steadiest dance attendees. I love it because it champions the freedom and acceptance that are at the core of our classes. She expresses this beautifully while sharing the tale of a visitor who came to class and exemplified it all. Enjoy 🙂

No matter how we may reject the idea of a wall … the wall … we all have one. At times we rely on it to protect ourselves so others don’t see our insecurities or know all our secrets. Sometimes we may want to be able to hide in plain sight as we go about our business, without everyone knowing everything about us. 

The dance studio allows us to take down our wall. It provides a safe haven to express ourselves openly and without judgement.

We are a unique and wonderful group; women and man (ha!) of all ages. Some of us have been dancing for a long time and some are new to the class. Some people know the routines and some struggle and may never know them. Some people jump and turn and some don’t, some wear shoes and some don’t, some take up a lot of space and some stay in their small spot, some take a break, some do their own moves, some sing, some smile, some sweat…everyone is safe here. And each of us is an important contributor to our group … when we are together we become one – and when someone is not there others take notice. Our light shines through and our walls are down.

A few months ago Luisa’s class had a visitor, Cameron, join us to dance. Cameron is a handsome, buff, twenty-something guy who decided to come with his mom, Nancy, to the class she raves about. Being a first time dancer, and the only young man in the class, one would think his wall would be up … intimidated, shy and tentative… Wrong! There were no walls there…no first time jitters for Cameron.

I’m not sure if this was because he is a good looking male…comfortable in his skin…young…or if he just naturally feels secure and inherited bold confidence from his momma, but Cameron’s light sure did shine that day. He put 110% effort into learning the choreography, experiencing the freedom of dance and enjoying the rhythm of the music…there was no holding back. His joyful “experience”, like a halo around him, lit up the room for the rest of us…at least for me. Watching him smile and move next to his beautiful and proud mother was so inspiring and energizing… and together their joy was contagious. I’m so glad Cameron felt comfortable with all of us… easygoing enough to take down his walls of protection and security. I’m sure he felt we are open and accepting of each other and maybe that allowed him to express himself and be truly open to experience the joy.

When each and every one of us walks into that studio our light is equally as important as the next person’s light. And together we couldn’t be more bright. THE JOY IS CONTAGIOUS. I vote for no wall!

written by Jennifer Blankfein, October 2016


Passion.  We can yearn for it  like a long lost lover.  It can feel out of reach or far removed. We remember how we felt when we first fell in love, started our career, moved into our home.  We recall a sense of bubbly excitement and compare that with how we feel now.

This comparison does not always bode well for the present moment.  So what do we do?  How do we find our passion and purpose when it feels lost?

Quite simply, sometimes we all need a little spark. Read more

Sunny Disposition

This past week I was vacationing out West and spent several Fantastic days with my Sister and my three nephews in Los Angeles. We grew up in the area and wanted to show the kids Universal Studios and Hollywood and the beach and other fun places we went to when we were their age.

The weather was spectacular for February, even by Southern California standards. My gait became bouncier, my attitude became friendlier, my muscles felt loosey-goosey.

Both my Sister and I left California long ago, but we kept remarking how deeply familiar it felt to be back. Everything looked “so California” to us. The trees, the Freeways , the color of the sky, the light of the sun.

As we drove around, the soundtrack of our youth played on the radio, as if the pre-programmed station on the rental car knew us personally and wanted to reminisce with us.

I know this place to my core.  Oh yeah, I thought, this feels natural. I have a sunny disposition but sometimes it can get buried under the snow and hardiness of the Northeast. Read more