We are delighted to offer a selection of Classes On Demand!

Our On Demand Library features a variety of dance, yoga, and other movement and wellness classes.   Keep checking back as we expand our library!

These classes are available for rental and can be viewed at your convenience!
Price: $15 (payment options below, rental expires 7 days from date of purchase) 

Library of Classes

Head-to-Toe Stretch with Luisa (60 minutes)
Exactly as it sounds!  We’ll stretch the whole body, including often ignored areas such as hands, feet, and face.  By the end you’ll be feeling open and relaxed!

Here & Now Meditation and Practice with Sue (35 minutes)
Learn practical ways to stay in your power, no matter what is going on around you.  When we are angry about the past or fearful about the future, we send out cords of energy that drain us of the power we need to keep us happy, healthy, and able to create the life we desire. Sue teaches several simple exercises and techniques to help you reclaim your energy so it is concentrated in the here are now.  The class ends with a guided meditation.  

Low Back Care with Luisa (45 minutes)
This gentle, guided practice features a combination of stretches, and strength and stability exercises to help support your lower back. Perfect for all levels and a lovely way to begin or end your day. Give your back some well-earned tender loving care!

Strength & Dance with Sue (50 minutes)
Using familiar choreography along with balance, light weights, and isometric contraction, we move to strengthen our muscles, especially those the core.

Vinyasa Flow + Guided Savasana w/Luisa (45 minutes)
This is an intermediate practice designed to give you the full vinyasa experience. Traditional sequences are accented with creative combinations for a seamless flow. We end with a guided Savasana to help you relax and integrate the benefits of the class. Note: Some Vinyasa experience is recommended! 

Yoga for Centering (45 minutes)
This yoga class focuses on connecting you with your center. Some of the ways we do this are conscious breathing, connecting with strength, cultivating awareness of the present moment, and working on balance. This guided practice is suitable for all levels. It moves at a relaxed pace with plenty of opportunities to go deeper and explore your ability to be peaceful, resilient and fully present.

Gentle Yoga 1 & 2 with Luisa  (~60 minutes)
A yoga class centered on ease, stretching, and a variety of poses that are accessible for all levels.

Gentle Yoga 1 is a recording of a live class from April 2020.

Gentle Yoga 2 is a a recording of a live class from July 2021


Vinyasa Yoga w/Luisa (60 minutes)
A recording of our live class featuring a steady flow of strength, stretching and connection.

Dance Classes

Recorded Zoom Classes to give you the experience of a live class. Each week will feature different classes.
Dance Express with Luisa (50+ minutes)
Dance Express with Sue (50+ minutes)

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Please note: the registration process is not automated, so it may take a little time for you to receive the link to your selected class.  If you do not receive it within 3 hours please let me know!

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