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My Notebook

I process my thoughts and feelings in writing much better than I do using spoken words. So, as you might imagine, my journal is a one of my most valued possessions.

Once upon a time I would hand-pick my journal, something pretty with texture and color, and I would use it exclusively for ramblings of the mind. These days, I use a simple spiral-bound notebook and fill those pages with all sorts of things. Thus, it becomes a bit of a time capsule for me.

My latest notebook has been with me since the start of this year and I have used it for everything: lists, calculations, plans, notes, ideas, etc. The sight of its sky-blue cover fills me with affection. I know it will listen to whatever I have to say. It will help me solve riddles and make decisions and express feelings. It will supply the solid lines and spaces for me to do the work that is needed on any given day. Read more

Courting Change

Change comes to me on a breeze. It is a whisper in my ear, a stirring in my belly. It gives voice to a place in my center that says: life is wonderful, but it is time for a shift.

When this breeze of change taps me, I don’t always know what to do with it right away. It takes some processing and logistics and a healthy dose of resistance, too. Change is never easy. Maybe I should just stay right here, what is wrong with right here?

In truth, nothing at all. I take great joy and pride in having many interests and outlets for my work and my creativity. But lately I have felt scattered rather than diverse. So I am ready to, oh so delicately, carve away some things and alter my schedule a bit to reveal … space. What I feel I need most is simply space. Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tonys

Last year I made a plan to see a show every month and then go to the Tony Awards.  It was a project chosen to celebrate my love of theatre and give myself an adventure.  I did it just for me.  But, as it has turned out, I have not been alone on this journey!
Read more


Generosity is a virtue. It is in the upper echelon of human qualities and luckily, it is quality we all possess. Sharing can manifest in all sorts of ways. We can be generous with our time, our love, our money and even our attention.

Sometimes we encounter obstacles when it comes to being generous. We may feel the need to protect what we have or that we don’t have enough to spare. We may doubt that our offering is worthy of sharing. We may feel depleted, with nothing at all to give.

This is when it is important to check in with our beliefs and also, with how we treat ourselves. I can get in a generous mood for all kinds of reasons, but the single common denominator is this: when I feel good I want to share that goodness.

Taking care of your self is a generous act. If you are kind and loving to yourself, it assures that you step into the world and a kind and loving manner. Read more