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Symphony: A Blogpost in Four Movements


When we were kids, my sister and I attended many symphony concerts at the University of California Riverside. Mind you, this was not our choice. We were dragged there begrudgingly.

Our Dad worked as Associate Librarian at the University and was also involved with the Music Department.  Attending those concerts was somewhat of an obligation, though he would undoubtedly describe it as a “perk.” He absolutely loved classical music and enjoyed exposing his daughters to its wonders.

In truth, it wasn’t entirely bad.  It was fun getting dressed up and going out as a family.  The sound of the orchestra tuning up filled me with delightful anticipation.  My Sister and I played Hangman and Tic Tac Toe in the margins of our programs while looking forward to our favorite event of the night: the traditional trek to the vending machine during intermission.

But otherwise I was pretty bored. Rarely did I make it to the end of the performance without falling asleep.  In retrospect, I can’t imagine how that was possible with those timpani and horns!


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The fabric of your being is multi-colored, poly-textural and glorious. You are in fact kaleidoscopic. Depending on where you are and whom you are with, your colors and patterns shift.

It is all you, though. Every turn is beautiful.

Your light shines differently, but brilliantly in every setting. The friends you made in High School and those you met in College were privy to different stages of your development and thus experienced unique aspects of who you are.

You may showcase your keen mind while at work, your compassion in your community, your silliness at home. On any given day you might be the go-to person for one friend, and the one in need to another.

This phenomenon of multiplicity may be the reason a single life touches so many. Read more


I have never fancied myself much of a collector. That (seemingly) fanatical drive to seek out and amass Barbies, stamps, ornaments, etc., is beyond me. Plus, I can be a tad fanatical about throwing things out and de-cluttering, so collecting does not appear to be in my nature.

Or so I thought.

Lately, I have realized that I do have one specific penchant for collecting. My loot, the thing that I seek: amazing experiences. I collect memories.

This realization helps me relate to other collectors. I understand that there is comfort in surrounding yourself with things that have meaning for you, whatever those “things” might be. Read more

Time and Time Again

Please note: What follows is not a lament on aging. Granted, it may appear so, but really, it is not. Being of a Zen nature and all, I am NOT freaked out to be in my MID-FORTIES! No, no.  No.  I take these things in stride, I look for the good in everything. Even though I now have to squint in order to see ANYTHING.

As the calendar pages peel away like a movie montage, I find myself pondering the concept of time more deeply and more often.

This intensifies in the melancholy month of September, as I mourn Summers hasty end and dread the greedy Winter, which is sure to stretch far beyond its allotted 3 months.

September also happens to be my birthday month. This may contribute to my bafflement with regard to time. It may also contribute to the aforementioned melancholy.

Don’t misunderstand. I am pro-aging! Maturing, enduring and gathering life experiences are privileges. I do, however, object to the fact that my High School graduation was 26 years ago. That is just wrong. Decades are not supposed to fly by so quickly. Read more