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Expressions and JournalTalk!

Expressions Remix: A 21 Day Creative Journaling Workshop starts MONDAY 1/12!

The first day of any of my online creative journaling workshops in exciting!  There is a sense of new beginnings in the air.  I picture the participants settling down with their notebook and pen to savor the first page as it welcomes all that they have to say, guided by the framework of that day’s assignment.  I know that they have committed to doing something nourishing for themselves, I know that they have endless creativity and truth to uncover and express and I hope that the experience is enriching for them!

The 21 days has a special aura.  Even if you have never taken a workshop like this, you know what I mean.  Starting something new, carving out time for yourself, embarking on a project, they all have that aura.  It is the glow of moving forward, the warmth of knowing that you are tending to your spirit.

Join us for these 21 days of creative journaling!  For more information and to register click HERE.

My JournalTalk Appearance!

Journaling is a personal practice but there is a community of journalers out there who understand its value and want to share it with the World!  One such person, Nathan Ohren, not only offers his own wonderful workshops but also hosts a weekly podcast called JournalTalk where he discusses various journaling topics with his guests!

I had the privilege of appearing on JournalTalk recently.  Nathan and I had an inspiring conversation on passion, creative expression and the joys and challenges of doing what you love.  We talked about the many ways in which journaling can help one gain clarity on such things and how it has helped each of us personally.

You can hear that podcast right here:


Stories, Old and New

A New Year. Fresh and shiny. It beckons with possibility.

The “thing to do” in a New Year is to make resolutions and set goals. I shy away from this typically, preferring to choose a theme to focus on, such as communication, education, realtionships, etc.

This year it occurred to me that my reticence to set goals might just be fear. Oh Fear. You again?

Declaring lofty goals brings up fear of failure for me. Citing evidence of past failures, I become convinced that I will let myself down if I aim too high. Read more


Inspiration can be elusive. There are phases in life when you have so much to express you don’t know where to begin. Then there are those times when you want so badly to say something, yet nothing comes. Crickets.

I have been hearing a lot of crickets lately. It is frustrating! The lack of ideas causes uncertainty, not to mention feelings of failure.

Of course, I have been here before. Many times. There is always a way out and that exit becomes clearer once I stop resisting.

On the upside, the crickets compel me to look outside myself. Depleted of ideas, I seek out replenishment.

I open myself up to what others are saying. Art, movies, theatre, poetry, strangers in conversation. Oh, the things I’ve seen and heard. Glorious and life affirming. Read more

Small Business Gratitude

Small Business Saturday is the latest addition to the Holiday shopping lexicon.  After fighting the crowds on Black Friday and before settling in at your computer on Cyber Monday, you can find some fabulous deals at your local small businesses on Saturday.

I love this idea, in part because of my admiration for those courageous souls who embark on the roller coaster ride of owning a small business.  It is not easy.  I know.

Not because I have ever had that kind of courage, but because I have had the good fortune of working at small businesses my whole life.  I’ve seen first hand the ups and downs, the twists and turns.

It takes passion and perseverance for sure, but it also requires an intangible kind of magic.  In my experience, it is the essence of the business owner that makes the magic.

My very first job as a teenager was at a quaint little restaurant called The Belgian Waffle Works Cafe.   It was owned by a  young couple who were generous and funny and kept us upbeat and laughing while we hustled about the always crowded cafe.  I learned from their example the value of treating your employees and customers with respect. The food was delicious, but it was their charm and work ethic that made the place a success.

Flash forward to today.  My entire career has been made possible by small business owners. Read more