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Its been over a year since I opened my private practice for yoga and massage and meditation .  In some ways the time has flown … can it really be that I have been through all four seasons in this space already? In other ways it has gone slowly and taken its sweet time for me to really call it home.

Either way I am so grateful to be settled into the flow of what I do. I have never been more cognizant of what a privilege it is to work one-on-one with dear clients, to talk about what it means to relax, connect and nurture, to dance in a community of beautiful souls.

But it has been awhile since I’ve written a blog and shared with you my thoughts and musings in writing.  I’ve missed it and the particular way in which it connects me with you, even when we don’t see one another regularly.

I can’t explain why I stopped (or paused).  Sometimes when one thing in life gets louder, another gets quiet.  It is the ebb and flow of activity and inspiration, I suppose.

Building my practice and my dance classes has been at the forefront and it has been wonderful to lean into that with joy rather than try to force more or less from myself.  I am open to the rise of writing and journaling, for they are sure to come back into the soundscape.

And there is this other thing that has gotten louder for me: music.  For those who may not know,  I am in an acoustic duo named Twice Around where I sing, play guitar and write songs.  We have been quiet for the past several years but the volume is starting to rise!

We have just released our CD “Here Before” featuring 12 Original Songs and are working to book live shows so we can play and sing for those generous enough to listen.  We hope that we can shine some light and love with music.*

I hope that your are riding the sound waves of your life with an open heart.  May that which fills you most rise in volume, may you listen for  the quiet whispers of what’s next, may you honor the many variations that are your essence.

*If you’d like to keep up with Twice Around you can sign up for our mailing list right HERE and like our Facebook page HERE

Generosity of Spirit

My Love and I are taking off soon for a vacation!  Travel, for me, is one of life’s greatest joys and, as is the case with all things joyous, it is best when shared. Even vicariously.

What a gift it has been to talk of our travel plans with clients and friends and have them participate in the joy; expressing delight, asking questions, making suggestions, sharing some of their own similar adventures.

I am so grateful for these reactions. When you tell another person about something that excites you and they meet your enthusiasm, the whole thing gets exponentially better.

We might be tempted to call this a small thing, but it isn’t.  It exemplifies a generosity of spirit that can make life richer for all of us. Read more

Jar of Ten

There are two things you may or may not know about me:

1) I have a hard time being consistent
2) I’m a girl who loves a project

A project requires planning and creativity (love), presents challenges that require problem solving (love), gives one a sense of purpose (love) and when you reach the end you can sit back and enjoy the result (love).  Then you get to start all over with the next project (LOVE)!

My struggle with consistency is that it doesn’t check any of those happy boxes.  Being consistent requires discipline and commitment, virtues that seem to have been misplaced somewhere within my cellular make-up.

But I do know from experience that consistency can be extremely rewarding.   For example, regularly meditating or journaling makes me feel so much better.  Ditto with exercising, practicing any beloved skill (guitar, vocals, dance) and staying on top of life’s chores.

I’ve been remiss in my good habits lately and have felt the need for a project to help me, so the other day while stretching after dance class this thought popped into my head: you need to make a Jar of Ten.

What the heck, you ask?  Let me explain. Read more

Love is All Around

Much has been said of the divisiveness permeating our Country today.  Yes, it is there and it is unsettling.  But there is something else I am noticing in the past few weeks: a desire for connection.

I am meeting more eyes as I walk through town.  I want to smile at you and I feel like you want to smile at me too.  We want to connect, even just for a moment.  I feel this pull to share what is best in me … love.

I believe love reigns supreme.  This belief is not born of religion or politics.  No one told me so, no one taught me so, it is simply my truth.  It doesn’t come with rules or exclusions, love is love.  And when I move from a place of love I see it all around.

This does not blind me to hate.  I see that too.  Mostly when people try to control how other people love or decree who is entitled to love. This behavior wounds me, all of us. But instead of diminishing the love – it emboldens it.  I see that all around; love standing strong. Do you see it too? Read more