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Scavenger Hunt: 5 Days of Creative Journaling! Starts Monday

I absolutely love a creative challenge. How about you? Scavenger Hunt: a 5 Day Creative Journaling Workshop (with a twist) starts Monday April 21st. You will peruse some of your favorite books to select two paragraphs that inspire and delight you. And then ….

Here is a fun, easy way to express yourself and explore your marvelous creativity through writing. Whether you are a seasoned writer or journaler, brand new to writing, a word lover or even just curious about your creative gifts, this workshop is definitely for YOU!

Read all about it and register right HERE!

Come join us on this 5 day journey, you will surprise yourself in the best way!


Coming out of this loooong, coooolllld, snowwwyyy winter, we are all looking closely for signs of Spring.  Thankfully we see them: the air is starting to shift, the blossoms are beginning to give hints of their arrival and the birds are warming up their voices for a sunrise chirp.

One sign of Spring that has caught my attention unexpectedly this year is laughter.  I hear giggles and guffaws all around, some coming directly from me!   Silliness seems to have sprung.

This eruption of laughter is true cause for celebration.  As we become less guarded against the chill and shed a few layers of clothing, we lighten up.  The skies have cleared giving us the sense that good times may well be imminent.  So we laugh.  It is a fabulous feeling! And to really crack up, I mean fully lose yourself to it, is one of the greatest perks of being human.
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Tuning In

You know that moment when you are intently trying to hear something? A drip, a click, a hum, something just off in the distance. You close your eyes and turn your ear to the source. Still and silent you hone in on a singular sound. All other noises fade away. You are utterly. Simply. Focused.

I wonder why we don’t do that more often with ourselves. Stop and listen to how we feel. Stop and listen for what we desire. Stop and listen to the rhythm and melody of our internal soundtrack, our absolute truth. Read more

Best Picture Review

It’s Oscar time and that means I have been in full movie-going mode! I have seen ALL the films that are nominated in the top 8 categories. So for my own entertainment (and hopefully yours too), I am going to share my thoughts on the 9 films nominated for Best Picture.

Here are my mini reviews, loosely in order of my least to most favorite:
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