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Sparkle and Quirk

I stand before my closet of clothes. These are all clothes I picked out, perfectly fine clothes, but nothing here feels right today. Nothing says “ME” exactly. There are parts of my personality that are simply not expressed by any of these garments.

I go shopping to get something new, the proper outfit for who I am in this moment, on this day. I find a cool, hippy-chic dress. It’s a little showy, interesting and FUN. I take a twirl in the dressing room and admire my image in the mirror. Yes, I know that girl; confident with some sparkle and quirk. Me! A definite yes.

Standing in line to pay, an odd feeling comes over me … doubt. This dress reflects how I feel, but it is a departure. Questions arise. Is it too much? Maybe it is too showy. Can I pull it off outside the dressing room, where people’s expectations of me may not jive with this choice? I was so happy and free wearing it just moments ago, but now I wonder. Maybe I look too good in it, maybe I feel too confident. That feels risky somehow. Read more


Passion.  We can yearn for it  like a long lost lover.  It can feel out of reach or far removed. We remember how we felt when we first fell in love, started our career, moved into our home.  We recall a sense of bubbly excitement and compare that with how we feel now.

This comparison does not always bode well for the present moment.  So what do we do?  How do we find our passion and purpose when it feels lost?

Quite simply, sometimes we all need a little spark. Read more


This past week I taught a yoga class. Even though I teach yoga all the time in private practice, this was the first time in a long time I stood in front of a group of students to teach.  It was at the wonderful Ganga Flow Yoga studio where I am going to start teaching regularly so it was an introduction of sorts: me to the students, the students to me.  Let me tell you something, I was NERVOUS! Crazy nervous.   It reminded me of something I wrote several years ago about fear. I thought I’d to share it again since, clearly, it still applies. :)

Is it possible to be thankful for fear?  I mean the kind of fear that gives you a nervous belly.  The fear that makes you question why the heck you ever said yes to the thing that has you fretful. Like a first date or a new job or taking that solo trip to Europe.

That kind of fear is a funny thing.  I often stand in front of groups of people to teach or sing or dance.  For some, this is a huge fear.  But given the choice between speaking in front of a hundred people and, say, throwing a dinner party, I would take the public speaking gig every time.  No question.

Many of you throw dinner parties on a regular basis and might be thinking I am bit crazy right now.  But that’s fear for you.

The key here is desire. I am afraid to host a dinner party but it doesn’t bother me because there is no real desire in my soul to do so.  I am content to look upon all the great hosts of the World with awe and wonder!

On the other hand, I really want to share yoga and dance and music with people.  I am putting myself “out there” and I get nervous for sure, but my desire outweighs my fear.  At least in theory… Read more

In Defense of Ease

Myth: I need to summon strength and courage to make my dreams come true.

Why a myth?  It sounds reasonable.  But recently I had a shift in thought that made that whole notion seem ridiculous. If your dream is born of what you love, why paint it as a giant monster that you must prepare to battle?

No, it is a patch of sunshine, a playground. Do we need strength, sacrifice and determination to hug our loved ones, dance in the ocean, sing at the top of our lungs in the car?

If the quality of our dreams includes joy and fulfillment why not run towards them in delight? The belief that achieving our dreams will require some huge feat of spirit may, in fact, be a self-made obstacle.

Instead of the idea that we have to work really, really hard to get what we want, how about the idea that life will be easier if we stand in a place that we love?  The premise here is that easy is a good thing. Read more