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Private Yoga

Yoga has many benefits. Among them: building strength and flexibility, cultivating body awareness, and connecting you with the present moment.
Using a variety of yoga styles and disciplines I specialize in exploring and refining proper alignment, correcting imbalances in postural and movement patterns, and helping you discover the joy of yoga and intentional movement!

Movement Coaching

Much of the work I do involves a sense of spontaneity, depending on your needs and interests. Often I’ll blend yoga with dance or bodywork or meditation to help facilitate a richer experience of being in your body. This can be playful, deep, specific, expansive or all of the above! Great for artists, those working their way back from injury, and anyone seeking movement as a pathway to healing or personal expression.


My style blends traditional Swedish Massage, Myofascial Stretching and intuitive energy work. What does that mean? Well, I listen closely to what you say and what your body says. My pressure is firm, not deep. Areas that are injured, sore, or stuck get extra attention: working out the knots, stretching the tightness, soothing discomfort. My ultimate intention is to restore balance, both energetically and physically, to your whole being.


Journaling can be transformational. The simple act of putting your pen to paper offers up great insights, helps you recognize patterns and connects you with your truth by allowing you to express your feelings. Personalized Journaling Workshops combine all of the above with the added benefit of 10 days of journaling prompts, created just for you.

For scheduling and information: • 203-915-6847

Sessions can be online, or in person in Fairfield County, CT or New York City

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