Dance is … soulful, dynamic, joyfulrooted, flowing, expressive!

Classes on Zoom! Join us from your own home for Dance Express …

A welcoming, fun-filled, 60-minute dance class using movements that are both lyrical and energetic. A variety of music and dance styles are used as you follow along to guided choreography. Creativity and personal expression are encouraged and the class ends with stretching and a brief meditation. Open to all levels. Whether you are a professional dancer or your dance experience is limited to groovin’ in your living room, this class is for you!

For information and links to join class email us!

The Zoom Schedule (dance & yoga)20160110-K01A3487

Mondays 9:45 am  Dance w/Sue
Mondays 5:30 pm Vinyasa Yoga w/Luisa
Tuesdays 9:15 am Dance w/Luisa
Tuesdays 10:30 am Gentle Yoga w/Luisa
Wednesdays 9:15 am Dance w/Sue In Studio*
Thursdays 9:15 am Dance w/Luisa
Fridays 9:00 am  Gentle Yoga w/Luisa
Saturdays 9:15 am  Dance w/Sue In Studio*
Sundays 10:30 am Dance  w/Luisa

To join our Zoom classes, simply contact us and we will send you information and a Zoom link.  *In Studio classes are open to existing clients only due to class size limits. 

Zoom Pricing: 
Single Class: $12
10 Classes: $100 

For your convenience we offer recorded classes on Demand! Check out the library HERE

If you have any questions email me HERE!

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