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Mrs. Daniel

I am taking Lisa Olson’s 8 Days of Thanks Workshop. Each day we get a lesson that helps us tap into gratitude. Today’s lesson involved writing a letter of thanks. I would like to share my letter with you because it celebrates a wonderful teacher.

Teachers can be monumental in our lives. Seriously, they can make ALL the difference. They are mentors, angels, coaches, cheerleaders and even sometimes surrogate parents. I would bet money that you have a story about a teacher who meant a lot to your upbringing. Read more

Helpers – November Newsletter

There are certain people in this World who are natural helpers.  They see a need and, without ever being asked, they take to action.  You know these people.  The house guest who cleans up the kitchen as if it were their own.  The co-worker who picks up coffee for everyone when getting it for themselves.  The stranger who changes your flat tire in a flash and then goes on his way. The friend who brings you soup when you are sick or weary.  Some children exhibit this tendency from the get go.  They chip in and even ask to be included saying: let me help! Read more