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Escape, Enchantment & Ewan McGregor

Movies are a treasure chest brimming with soulful jewels. They can stir deep emotion, challenge your intellect and tear at your empathy. Sometimes, though, you just want to fall in love and have a good time. These are some of the most precious baubles of them all, and often the rarest too.

Quality comedies, adventure films and romances are hard to come by. Plenty of efforts are made in these genres, as exemplified by the Summer blockbuster releases, but finding a movie that steals my heart in this particular way is tricky.

My recent batch of movies has included more “escapist” fare. I have been looking to have my heart stolen, my mind distracted, my laughter triggered. Yes, I have continued to watch some all-important nominated films, but there are also a delightful sampling of movies that have made me smile and clap my hands. Read more

Struggle – February Newsletter

A certain amount of struggle is natural in life.  It is not necessarily a bad thing and is often a pathway to growth.  Think of watching a child struggle to tie their shoes, a marathon runner struggling to the finish line.  There are times, however, when we choose to struggle needlessly.

I am learning a lot about my relationship with struggle as I care for my ailing father (you can get the details on that here).  What I am finding is that I relate struggle with endurance and perhaps even on some level, competence.  I will struggle through, accepting that it should be difficult and that I should be able to handle it.  Ah, two “shoulds” in that previous sentence.  Never a good sign. Read more