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Just Go Ahead and Flop

This past Friday, while in New York, I took a dance class.  I have been doing this lately on Fridays, going to the city to take dance and voice classes and absorb artistic inspiration of all kinds.

Looking at the studio schedule, I decided to try a Contemporary Floor class.  I have taken many Floor Barre classes and figured it would be similar; conditioning exercises on the floor, moving across the floor with simple combinations, something like that.  The class was also taught by a former So You Think You Can Dance contestant and, as a huge fan of that show, I thought that’d be fun!

The class began with centering and breathing.  Ahhh, I thought, this is going to be right up my alley.  Then our teacher demonstrated the first “warm-up” which was a lovely choreographed sequence on the floor, using the core to contract and expand and roll around.  It looked pretty!  It was hard.  Instead of moving all watery and fluid like her, I felt like a piece of petrified wood trying to flip itself over. Read more


My recent change of schedule has yielded me more free time. This is exactly what I intended, of course, but free time by itself can be tricky.  There are pitfalls all around (tv, internet, opening the fridge and cupboards repeatedly, etc.)  I was aware of these pitfalls and their allure, so I had a plan:  carve out specific time for my creative endeavors.

It turns out that statement is too broad to actually be helpful.  While having a plethora of outlets for creativity is awesome, I can get lost in contemplating  my options and end up doing nothing at all.  Enter tv, internet and the endless quest for snacks.

The big thing keeping me from these pitfalls over the past few weeks is a refreshing desire to become more skillfull. Read more