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Who Am I?

My recent online Journaling Experience featured 10 days of questions designed to help us gain a better understanding of our identity, what drives us and what stands in our way.  We began with the simple (profound) question: who am I?

When we meet someone new we often lead with questions such as: Where are you from? Are you married? What do you do?

So, we answer: I’m from California, not married but happily coupled, I teach yoga and dance.

These are all perfectly fine questions and answers but how much do they reveal about who we truly are?

For the “Who Am I” journaling assignment I advised the participants to avoid biographical descriptions and instead use the writing to explore who they are in essence, to dig deeper in expressing their self -identity.

The experience of eschewing labels and focusing on essentials makes for a rich journey indeed.  For me, what showed up on the page was a riff on three core traits (peace, doubt, love) that are present, for better or worse, in all that I “do” and in my relationships.

My pen delved enough to expose unexpected aspects of these seemingly general traits.  I also played with owning them (I am peace)  rather than wearing them as adornments (I am peaceful). Read more