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10 Days, 10 Questions: A Journaling Experience

ID-10085673Starts Sunday May 15th – register below! 

We often find ourselves seeking answers in life.  But sometimes asking the right question is the real game changer.  Questions and answers are the theme of this 10 day journaling experience.

Here is how it works:

For 10 days we will essentially interview ourselves about the things that matter.  Each day I will send you an email with a question and some simple instructions.  You will answer each question in writing, exploring how you feel, communicating your truth or maybe just playing out possible answers and scenarios to understand yourself better.

I love to write in my journal freely, without pre-thinking what I write.  But there is also great value to taking time to consider your words so that you may clearly express your ideas, feelings, struggles, triumphs.

In this journaling experience we do a little bit of both. You can write for as long as choose to write.  Some questions may inspire you to delve into a stream-of-consciousness writing frenzy, while others may cause you to stop and ponder . Some answers may be simple exploration, some may reveal untapped gems of truth, some may be the spark for a personal essay, story, memoir or poem.  Everything is possible when we open ourselves to the journaling process.

Cost: $10.00 All you need is a pen and a journal or notebook.  The answers are absolutely within you. Register by clicking here:

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