Find yourself.  Express yourself.  Be yourself.


The fabric of your being is multi-colored, poly-textural and glorious. You are in fact kaleidoscopic. Depending on where you are and whom you are with, your colors and patterns shift.

It is all you, though. Every turn is beautiful.

Your light shines differently, but brilliantly in every setting. The friends you made in High School and those you met in College were privy to different stages of your development and thus experienced unique aspects of who you are.

You may showcase your keen mind while at work, your compassion in your community, your silliness at home. On any given day you might be the go-to person for one friend, and the one in need to another.

This phenomenon of multiplicity may be the reason a single life touches so many.

We are never one thing only. The strongest among us have softness. The quietest, can bellow. All parts are true so denying any piece of ourselves threatens to dim our radiance.

Yet, there are times when we do exactly that. We don’t want to identify with a trait that seems flawed so we try to snuff it out. For example, we shield our vulnerability when, in fact that is what gives us our compassion.

We will often impose similar limitations on others. Dismissing someone who has a different point of view suggests that we believe one viewpoint says everything about them. It certainly does not. People are more intricate than that. Them, you, me.

I fear this tendency to simplify or squelch diminishes our vibrancy. As if our personalities are somehow finite. They are not. We are not.

Acknowledge the person in front of you for what they mean to you, the essence that shines brightest. Recognize that there are many more layers of brilliance and complexity within.

Do the same with the beautiful spirit who stares back at you in the mirror. The ways in which you express your many colors and textures are boundless. They ways in which you love… infinite.

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