Find yourself.  Express yourself.  Be yourself.

Whispers From the Cocoon

Dear Self,
Yes, yes I get it.  You have a hard time in Winter.  You want to lie on the couch,  yet you don’t WANT to want that and so you struggle.  Yes.  I know.

But remember that January was a time for cocooning.  It has not been entirely wasteful.  Think of all the insights you have had.  None of which actually stirred you into action, but that is the deal with cocooning, right?   We go inside and get quiet.  It takes time to grow wings.

As the light lengthens and the potential for warmth draws closer, I feel the need to remind you of a few things (things in fact, you already know).

There is an unearthing of the warrior within who fights for art and peace, who believes in equality and respect, who sounds the trumpets of individuality, using her strong voice instead of her meek one.

Yes, you have a strong voice.  You can speak clearly and with confidence.  First release the tension of doubt that constricts the throat. Then release any concern about how your words will be received by choosing to speak words that are true.

Hold your convictions in the palm of your hand, not in the clench of your fist.  Share your beliefs openly rather than grasping onto them fiercely.   How else will you learn?  How else will you hear, really hear ideas that are different?

What if you take all the energy you spend trying to be “good” and channel it instead into expressing yourself authentically.  Might that be good enough?

There is the potential for supreme evolution in every soul.  Do you see it?  Look with awe & wonder.  Don’t pretend to know the answer ahead of the question.  It is ok not to know.  It can be exciting!

You have a boogie in your spirit compelling you to enter rooms singing and dance your words instead of saying them.  That’s cool.  Go with it.

When you are ready to get off the couch there will be infinite opportunities to live purposefully.  (pssst: you’re kinda already doing that, even on the couch)

Oh, and go get some sunshine.  You need light to grow.

Here for you always.
Your Self

May your Self whisper sweet somethings to you this Winter. May you remember what you know and relish what you’ve yet to discover.  May your cocoon be warm and cozy and your blossoming wings vibrant!

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