Find yourself.  Express yourself.  Be yourself.

Written Expressions: A 21 Day Creative Journaling Workshop

21 Daily assignments to spark creativity and help you express who you are.

Starts July 11, 2016 Registration details below:



Creative Journaling helps you:

Write your Truth
Take Time for Yourself
Express Your Unique Voice
Gain Clarity &  Inspiration
Celebrate Your Life Experience
Inspire Creativity

The flow of creative energy is limitless.

Of course, there are moments where it feels elusive, where we feel disconnected from ourselves and the creative spirit within us. We get stuck, both creatively and emotionally.

In Written Expressions we play with ways to get unstuck, return to our creativity and to our true selves.

We will use specific exercises and writing prompts to help us outside our usual thinking/feeling/writing patterns and to explore new possibilities. In this way we will be exercising our creative energy, our own personal muse, and we will get to know ourselves a little bit better in the process. This signature workshop is the perfect mix of creative writing and journaling.  Each day offers your something new, offers you possibility!

How it Works:

Each day you will receive an email with a short writing assignment designed to challenge you, nudge you and inspire you to explore who you are and express your unique point of view.  You will never have to stare at a blank page wondering what to write!

Because it is an email workshop you can participate from anywhere and are free to do the assignments in your own time.  I will be there to guide you and support you along the way! PLUS, we will have a private Facebook page where we can all connect.

Some days I will invite you to share a piece of your assignment with us so that we all may be inspired. You can share freely or you can write just for you.  It is YOUR workshop, you get to decide!

All you need is a notebook, a pen and an open mind and heart.

The fee for the workshop is $29.00. To register click the Buy Now button below:

 If you have any trouble with the registration process, please contact me, we will find a solution!

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