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Use Your Words

I am in Barcelona with mi novio. Please note my restraint in not using all capital letters and lots of exclamation points for that sentence. Travel is one of my greatest joys and being in Europe brings a sense of satisfaction to my spirit. I get to see things I have heard about it, read about and dreamt about. Read more

The Common Thread

My name is Luisa and I do many things.  Sometimes this feels like a bragging right.  The diversity keeps life interesting, keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning.  There are also moments when I feel scattered and overwhelmed, concerned that I am spreading myself too thin.  Recently I had a moment of clarity that lifted this perception of “crazy lady with lots of jobs” from my own psyche.  I came to see that these “doings “are not disparate.  They are linked by a single thread: INSPIRATION. Read more

Introducing: Expressions

A 21 Day Creative Journaling Workshop – Next session starts 1/14/12!

Daily assignments to spark creativity and help you express who you are.  Journaling and creative writing combine for an enjoyable, insightful and sometimes surprising experience.  Read more about it here!

Growing Pleasures – September Newsletter

In the midst of my angst-y, uncertain twenties, I heard a rumor that when a woman turns forty she stops caring so much about what other people think. Wow. It was hard to imagine but it sounded so good.  Like Wonderland! I held tight to that rumor. It made forty seem positively COOL! Read more