My name is Luisa and I do many things.  Sometimes this feels like a bragging right.  The diversity keeps life interesting, keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning.  There are also moments when I feel scattered and overwhelmed, concerned that I am spreading myself too thin.  Recently I had a moment of clarity that lifted this perception of “crazy lady with lots of jobs” from my own psyche.  I came to see that these “doings “are not disparate.  They are linked by a single thread: INSPIRATION.

My quest to inspire and be inspired fuels pretty much everything I do.  As a yoga and dance teacher I get to witness my students light up their poses and movements from within. Oh, how they shine! Feeling a client take a spontaneous deep breath during their massage brings a smile every time. Inspiration; literally!  Dance makes my heart want to burst with soulfulness. Choreographing, singing and writing are like direct links to the universe.  Muses appear out of nowhere to deliver their creative goods.

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is simply watching and listening.   I am an enthralled audience member, sitting in darkened theatres joyously absorbing ART, creation and performance. Traveling to new places, sitting in coffee shops or on street benches observing  the World is pure heaven.   I love to listen for the silence within the the noise. Can you hear it?

The thing that inspires me most, is you.  The individual.   People show their love in ways that floor me.  It is on display everywhere I look.  What a single person can achieve and create is astonishing.  You make a difference.  Your excellence is your essence.  That essence is a gift to every person you encounter, just as their essence is a gift to you.

The thread of inspiration is woven throughout this blog and website.  I am tickled to be here to offer words and workshops, to share with you as I wander through life, looking for signposts, asking questions, listening and learning. Celebrating our indiviuality and our connectedness both.

I hope you find a little inspiration while you are here. I am so glad you stopped by, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.


photo by Frank Veres

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