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31 Days, 31 Movies

Movies make me feel like anything is possible. My parents took us to the movies often when we were kids. Siskel & Ebert were household names. Somewhere in my adolescence I really fell in love with film and began to appreciate the artistry, the nuances, the raw power of the medium. The lights go dim in a theatre and I draw in a deep breath, filled with the delicious anticipation of what is about to unfold before me on the giant screen. Enraptured by the opportunity to be transported, to feel, to laugh and cry freely. Read more

Feel and Let Feel

In putting together my playlist for Sunday’s dance class I wanted to choose songs that would be appropriate in light of the tragedy in Newtown, a town in our home state, a town near enough that most of us know at least one person who lives or works there.

The class is typically a fun, expressive, soulful dance workout. It is a great group of women and the studio has a wonderful sense of community. I imagined some clients would be looking for solace, some for escape, some wanting to talk about it and dance about it, some wanting to distance themselves from the agony of it. How do you choose songs that will be right for everyone? You don’t. Read more

Touch is Love

I lay my hands on his frail leg led by instinct and a desire to ease his pain. His love is strong, his body weak.  My hands move slowly and infrequently.  I feel a place of need and stay there until it is time to move elsewhere.  I watch his face.  Sometimes he tells me what he feels, and I tell him what I feel.  Mostly we are quiet. Read more

I Shall Believe – December Newsletter

Recently, I wrote about a teacher who was a wonderful mentor to me. It got me thinking. A single person standing solidly in your corner is a powerful, dare I say, life changing thing. Read more