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I Shall Believe

Recently, I wrote about a teacher who was a wonderful mentor to me. It got me thinking. A single person standing solidly in your corner is a powerful, dare I say, life changing thing.

To have that person be unwavering in their support is part of it. The other part is to have someone on the outside take a look inside you and see your potential. They see a treasure within and step forward to help foster its growth. It is as if they have put on magic glasses and see a kaleidoscope of possibility within you.

Right now the World needs us all to put on some magic glasses. Our culture, while wonderful and thriving in many ways, feels delicate. There is a lot of negativity and uncertainty. Differences are condemned instead of celebrated and it often seems we are isolated from one another even amidst the proliferation of ways to connect. I feel we need to look inside our World, closely and with love, to see its goodness. Raise up what is right rather than spending so much energy on what is wrong.

Our beliefs create our reality.  What if we took a good, hard look at what believe about ourselves and our world?  An honest look.  It’s worth a some exploration. What do you believe? Who do you believe in? Who has believed in you? How have those beliefs served you? Ask yourself these questions and go inside. See what you see.

Then cast your eyes up and outward. Look closely, it is there. Do you see it? The shining, gold light of our collective highest self. It is our potential, that place within humanity that loves purely, trusts eagerly and cares passionately.

Nurture that potential within yourself too. If we love and accept ourselves it will be exponentially easier to accept others. We will not need to mold them into an enemy or ally, they can just be who they are.

In the spirit of the holidays I am choosing to look inside our World, see its virtue and stand solidly in its corner. I shall believe. In us and in you, I shall believe.

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    • Luisa Tanno

      Thanks so much Muddy! A total honor to have it coming from you especially 🙂

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