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I hop the 1:32 train to Grand Central Station to go see Before Midnight before I accidentally hear anything about it. (Here’s why) My paranoia about this is freakish, so to quell the crazy I am going to NYC where it is showing exclusively. It is playing in but two theatres, one of which happens to be on the Upper West Side, a theatre I know quite well.

It is fitting. I would often spend Memorial Day weekend with my Dad in New York where we would engage in our epic ritual of culture absorption: movies, museums, theatre, fine dining. I haven’t been to the city since my Dad died because the thought of it brings about a particular ache. Facing that ache may be the only thing to soothe it. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this most special movie has opened on this particular weekend, at a theatre we have been to countless times. Read more

Movie Love: Before Sunrise

My list of all-time favorite movies is not static. It fluctuates depending on my mood, my phase of life, etc. I even have it sub-divided into “special” movies, masterpieces and just all-around favorites. But one film that sits glowingly atop them all is Before Sunrise. Read more

Spontaneous Truth

Thinking can sometimes get in your way.  This is not to disparage thinking entirely, for it is surely one of the joys of being human.  Having a mind means we can formulate ideas and process feelings and make connections.  It is wonderful.  But there are definitely times when a little less thinking can be better.

I am in the middle of Expressions, a  21 day creative journaling workshop which I host right here on my website.  Some  days we craft the writing and some days I give an assignment to write non-stop, keeping pen to paper.  No thinking, just writing.  I always give a prompt for this so that you are never left staring at a blank page with nowhere to start. Read more