Thinking can sometimes get in your way.  This is not to disparage thinking entirely, for it is surely one of the joys of being human.  Having a mind means we can formulate ideas and process feelings and make connections.  It is wonderful.  But there are definitely times when a little less thinking can be better.

I am in the middle of Expressions, a  21 day creative journaling workshop which I host right here on my website.  Some  days we craft the writing and some days I give an assignment to write non-stop, keeping pen to paper.  No thinking, just writing.  I always give a prompt for this so that you are never left staring at a blank page with nowhere to start.

One day we wrote about belief.  The assignment was to write “I believe” at the top of the page and then write non-stop for the entire page about what you believe.  No thinking, just writing.  No crafting, just letting words flow.  After I did this particular assignment, I forgot about it and went on my merry way.  When I re-read it a few days later, I realized: hey, that is true.  I do believe that.

Without “thinking” about it, I had managed to write out my true beliefs as they stood in that moment.  Is it perfect writing?  Nope.  Is it my only truth, my whole truth? Nope. But it has a certain spontaneity that I love.  There is inspiration there, even if the craftsmanship is wanting.

This can be instructive in life.  If you don’t censor yourself, you can tap into a certain essence.  You can find your truth without looking too hard for it.  That truth can help remind you about yourself.  Not how you should be or what you think about yourself, just about who you are, essentially.

I am going to share my assignment with you, uncensored and unedited.  This is what came to me in the moment without my mind getting in the way:

I believe in the goodness of humanity.  It is the spirit I choose to worship and be devout to.  I believe the more you get, the more you give and so if you open your heart and intellect to RECEIVE you will have an abundance of goodness, quality love to offer.  I believe expression of the soul to be sacred and this is why I adore art.  I believe in what you think and create, and not what you have been told.   Inherent in each of us is the ability to shine healthy, loving light upon our earth and that light gets dim through trauma and tragedy and abuse and judgment and cruelty and fear.  So is life.  However, the solution is always, always, always within us.  Always within us.  Always within us.  I believe in the core, the epicenter of humanity and I believe that core resides in connection to the center of our own individual “self.” An extension of the magic that is life in this Universe.  I believe the more we doubt, the less we shine.  Peel away the shame and fear with patience and love.  Let it blow away like a cape in the wind.  Let your hair and mind and body flow free,  your hands and heart open to the divinity of being alive.

I encourage you to try it!  Let yourself go on paper.  No fear, just truth.  Try the “I Believe” assignment, just for fun and see what it yields for you.  There are many benefits to writing like this.  You can be honest in a safe way, knowing you can save your words forever or tear the page up when you are done.

Or perhaps you’d like to share yours too?

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