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Car Ride

Day to day we interact, we run about, we do our work. Responsibilities are met, conversations are had, things get resolved, organized, accomplished. We do all of this, day in and day out, regardless of what goes on inside of us. Whether we are in emotional turmoil or celebratory joy, the “things” get done, we honor our familial and social obligations, we punch the clock.

Sometimes it is easy, even quite pleasurable. Sometimes we have to fake it, eke it out any way possible. Fighting the urge to bury our head in our hands, jump for joy, speak our mind or turn and run. We stay, we do, we carry on. We must.

But then we get into our car. Windows up, music on: a haven. A place that, while technically visible to others, is intimately our own. Read more

A Theatrical Plan

Did you know that you can buy a ticket to go to the Tony Awards? Like, just go to Ticketmaster and get yourself a ticket? No nomination needed? Me neither! But it turns out you can. This has my wheels turning.

I love awards shows and, next to the Oscars, this is my favorite. You get great performances, heartfelt speeches, a true sense of artistic community and, lately, Neil Patrick Harris as Host! All. Good.

So, it has been decided. Next year, I am going to the Tonys!

But let’s make it even more interesting. Between now and then, I have decided to see a Broadway show every month so that I will be an educated attendee. This will give me the impetus to go to the city I love and nourish my soul with, perhaps, my favorite activity. I will be sure to tell you all about it, of course!

Twelve shows in twelve months, a ticket to one of the best events of the year and, in the meantime, a lot of shopping for the perfect dress. Win, Win, Win!

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What Did You Say??

If you want to be really unpopular among your peers, try this: on a test day declare how much you LOVE taking tests. Trust me, no one wants to hear it, I have learned the hard way.

Of course, I get it now. Tests are very stress inducing for many, causing them to struggle greatly. My expressions of glee may have been insensitive (obnoxious?). But more than once, people reacted to my statement with their own declaration: I hate you. Read more