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What Did You Say??

If you want to be really unpopular among your peers, try this: on a test day declare how much you LOVE taking tests. Trust me, no one wants to hear it, I have learned the hard way.

Of course, I get it now. Tests are very stress inducing for many, causing them to struggle greatly. My expressions of glee may have been insensitive (obnoxious?). But more than once, people reacted to my statement with their own declaration: I hate you.

If you think about it, that phrase is uttered quite a bit in this context. It is likely meant to express jealousy, a verbal punch on the arm, something of a joke. But still, having the word “hate” directed at you stings, no matter the context.

Amending our language simply because we have been told to is not something that I advocate. I was once more “politically correct” in this way, but now recognize that the words are not the problem; it is the sentiment behind them.

So, what is the sentiment? Is it hard for us to be happy for someone who has what we want? If so, it hurts us far more than them. It suggests a limited capacity for the idea of abundance and a lack of appreciation for what we ourselves possess, physically, mentally and spiritually.

If we can foster that self-appreciation there would probably be less hating. It may seem ridiculously naïve of me , but I propose that we find ways to turn that specific “hate” into love.

Instead of hating the person with the newest Louis Vuitton bag, can’t we just love the bag?

Instead of hating the person who won the grand prize, can’t we just love our own honorable mention?

Instead of hating the person who beats us at tennis, can’t we just love our own ability to play the piano?

It is worth a try at least. More love and less hate is better for all of us, don’t you think?

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2 Responses to “What Did You Say??”

  1. Dolores aka Mom

    Thoughtful & lovely & I will work at putting it to use in my life.

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