Having recently returned from vacation, I have a renewed sense that happiness is a worthwhile pursuit.  This may seem obvious but it has its complications.  Scratch that.  I have made this pursuit complicated in my own mind.

I am a happy person.  Sure, I have a tendency towards melancholy, we are never one thing only, but constitutionally I am happy. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes I feel bad about that.

The primary reason? Happiness and depth are not always linked. If you think of greatness, the qualities you associate with those who achieve it are probably hard work, conviction, drive, intelligence. This may be my own limited thinking of course, but I detect a separation in how we view those who want to change the World and those who want to be happy. In fact, it took a lot for me to omit the word “just“ from the latter statement. “I JUST want to be happy” sounds appropriate because that is what we usually hear. There is an air of concession to the very statement. The diminishing “just.” I am ready to let that go.

The pursuit of happiness is noble.  Many intelligent, driven, hard working people fought to make it our right. Being around people who value happiness is inspiring.  It is in itself greatness.

When times are difficult we crave feeling happy.  But when times are routine we often feel guilty for making choices based on joy, as if we should be doing something more productive.  It is rather funny the obstacles we create for ourselves.  Oh imagine what life could be if we moved “be happy” to the top of our to-do list.  Imagine how our children would benefit from this, how they could learn from watching us strive for our own happiness, as well as theirs.

I want to be happy.  I want you to be happy too.  If we pursue happiness and encourage those around us to do the same, I am pretty sure we can change the world.

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