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National Dance Day!

Saturday July 27th is National Dance Day!  This was started by Nigel Lythgoe (of the great TV show So You Think You Can Dance and the wonderful charity The Dizzy Feet Foundation), to help promote dance and all its many gifts. There is a gala, a couple of dance routines that anyone can learn and events where people can get together and dance, dance, dance.

I am all for celebrating dance because it has tremendous significance in my life. Somewhere in my DNA there is a strand of pure boogie!  Even though I was shy and unsure of myself as a young girl, once I ascended the steps of any dance studio and caught the smell of rosin and sweat, I felt fine.  It was easy for me to take my place in a studio, all wood and mirrors, among the other dancers warming up, awaiting the start of class.  

As much as I am a dancer at heart, I am also a fan. Dancers and choreographers give wholly to their art and it elevates my spirit to witness their work.

Dance connects us, frees us, informs us, excites us, inspires us.  It is wonderful for exercising, socializing, expressing, creating.  It is high art and it is for everyone, both at the same time.

In honor of National Dance Day I would like to share these videos that demonstrate what I love most about Dance:

It is Pure Joy
From So You Think You Can Dance: Alex Wong, an amazing classical ballet dancer and Twitch, an amazing hip hop dancer get together for a hip hop routine.  No one expects Alex to do well, as hip hop does not typically come easily for ballet dancers.  See what ensues (includes an intro and the judges reaction)!
Alex & Twitch Hip Hop/So You Think You Can Dance

It tells a story
Two former lovers meet on the street and immediately remember their connection,and also their struggles. Are they meant to be together again? Let’s watch and see! Dancers: Ellenore Scott & Ryan Di Lello Choreographer: Travis Wall
Ellenore & Ryan/So You Think You Can Dance

If two statues were able to come to life for one precious moment in time what might it look like? Travis Wall choreographs again. He is a gifted storyteller. Dancers: Melanie Moore & Marko Germar.
Turn to Stone/Melanie & Marko

It Connects us, All of us, Everywhere
Matt Harding take his joyous, silly dance all over the World. I can not watch this video without smiling … and crying … and smiling some more.
Where in the Hell is Matt

Today I hope you dance around in your living room, in the aisles of your grocery store, in a dance studio, in the streets, everywhere! Dance is a celebration, not just on National Dance Day, but everyday. Enjoy!

For information on the Dizzy Feet Foundation click here!
So You Think You Can Dance is currently on Tuesdays at 8pm of FOX

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3 Responses to “National Dance Day!”

  1. Dolores aka Mom

    I will celebrate today by watching the SYTYCD dances I have saved. Thank you for showing me through your own dancing & through our many conversations about the dances we see & for helping me learm more about what I see so I can appreciate it more and more. Dance away!!!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Dolores aka Mom

    Just watched Matt. Loved it!!!!….and what a way to start dance day.

    • Luisa Tanno

      I know, isn’t it great? Thanks Madre!

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