har·mo·ny: A pleasing combination of elements in a whole

Imagine a choir performing a beautiful song. Hear all the textures, the layers of tone, the dynamics of loud and soft. It takes all of those voices, each one unique, to create the experience. It is the combination of sound that makes the music so sweet. Alone, any one of those parts is not nearly as pleasant as the whole.

You are whole. So often we try to diminish parts of our selves, we hide what we perceive as flaws or silence parts that make us uncomfortable. We bench members of our choir, for fear, for shame, for reasons that may not be easy to articulate.

I am not suggesting that every piece is pretty. There is always darkness and light. We need them both, for we would not recognize one without the other. But every aspect of YOU belongs. Together those pieces sing a glorious song. No one else has written a masterpiece quite like it.

If we tune into the harmony within ourselves, we are better able to listen for and appreciate the unique voices all around us. We can notice the blend and savor it’s sweet sound. Differences don’t always mean dissonance. Our World is not monotone, therein lies its brilliance.

Peace begins within. One more person at peace with themselves uplifts us all. May you hear your own song with love. May you listen with love to the songs all around you. Thus, harmony.

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