Can you remember a moment in your life when someone surprised you with a thank you? Not because you gave them a gift or did something out of the ordinary, but just because you were doing what you normally do. It is so special to have someone reflect back to you the difference you have made. I sincerely hope you can recall such a moment!

It is important to feel appreciated and acknowledged. We work for money and personal fulfillment, yes. But it feels so good when someone takes notice of our work and says so. We offer help and support because we care, and yet a heartfelt thank you can go a long way. It inspires us to continue being open and reassures us that our efforts matter.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I am embarking on a Thank You Project. It is very simple. I am going to make a point of saying thank you to the people around me who make my life happier, who generate positive energy, who rise up and do exemplary work, who make me smile and influence me for the better. It can be a verbal thank you, a handwritten note, an email, a text, anything at all.

A simple thank you each day. Won’t you join me? My guess is this will uplift our hearts and remind us that there are hard working, generous, positive forces of good all around. In a culture where the air is heavy with negativity, we can loose sight of the kindness, honesty and inspiration abundantly flowing through that very same air. People are out there doing their very best. Let’s celebrate that and in turn, create more of it. Goodness is everywhere, we need only look for it.

I see it in you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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