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Creative Conundrums – Hooray!

As a kid , I always loved a creative challenge.  When bored, I would ask my Mom to make-up quizzes for me. My sister and I often made mysteries for each other, creating a scavenger hunt of clues.  I would draw a squiggle on a blank page and then happily turn it into a drawing, delighting in the possibilities that a single line could offer. Oh boy, such fun.

As a grown-up, one of my favorite creative puzzles became songwriting.  An idea would land on me from who knows where and then I would have to flush it out.  To do this I would need the prefect trifecta of  melody, chord changes and lyrics to properly to serve the initial inspiration. This was maddening, but also completely enjoyable.  The reward of a finished song was worth every struggle, and tantrum.   I would lose myself in the process only to find myself in the end.

Choreographing a song for dance class is a similar process.  The music suggests a movement or two but I still have to crack the code.  Sometimes I sit on the floor, close my eyes and envision movement.  This can work!  But I can’t count on it.  So I have to get on my feet and dance around.  There is trial and error, makeshift solutions I know are not quite right and then, if the stars align, a finished piece emerges.

These creative challenges really light me up inside.  It is the fuel of my expression and, in case you haven’t noticed by now, self-expression (mine and yours!)  is rather important to me.  So it is no wonder that I began to offer creative journaling workshops! The insight that a creative exercise can offer is quite valuable.  It helps you tap into a place within yourself, a true and real place that may have been hidden.

Having a general framework from which to start is key.  If I were to tell you to write a paragraph about any topic you might get bogged down in too many possibilities OR you might write about an obvious topic rather than exploring something new.

If I were to tell you to write a paragraph that must mention green jelly beans, well then you have a creative riddle!  I promise you, you would solve it and your solution would be wildly, wonderfully unique. (Give it a try!)

Sound intriguing?  Well, good news!  I am offering my next workshop for FREE and it starts on Monday Oct 21st.  Scavenger Hunt is a 5 day creative journaling workshop with a delightful twist.  Only 5 days.  You can do it for sure.

You can read about it here and sign-up for it right here.  Join us, it will be great fun!






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