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Scavenger Hunt: A 5 Day Creative Journaling Workshop (with a twist)

Scavenger Hunt

Next Round starts June 1st, 2015!

In this unique workshop we will use other people’s words as inspiration for our own writing.

It begins with a treasure hunt for two paragraphs from a book or writer that inspires you. Choose this excerpt with love. Take your time. Make sure the language entices you!

From there we will do five fun and challenging assignments using your chosen excerpt. This workshop unlocks your creativity, inviting you to use new words and phrases, breaking away from your patterns while remaining true to your own voice.

Fee: $10.00
To register click below:

If you have any trouble with the registration process, please contact me, we will find a solution!

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6 Responses to “Scavenger Hunt: A 5 Day Creative Journaling Workshop (with a twist)”

  1. June Utecht

    Sign me up! All ready have an account with
    you. So thoroughly enjoy theses
    Writing Journeys!
    I will try to forward to writing group!
    Happy Spring

    • Luisa Tanno

      Wonderful June! Thanks for spreading the word.

    • Luisa Tanno

      Hi Joanne! We’re happy to have you join us.