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Why Not Now?

People all around me seem to be taking bold steps.  Somehow the time has ripened for them to claim ownership of their lives and take a leap.   I have watched people:

  • Pack up to move across the country for a simpler life
  • Dare to fall in love
  • Decide to run for office
  • Train for a marathon for the second time, even though they didn’t get to run the first time
  • Let go of the past to step into the future
  • Start a business, realizing their talent could be their career

So, why now?  I suppose the answer would be different for all of them.  Circumstances can precipitate such a leap, of course.  Timing plays its integral part, as well.  But there has to be something more.  All too often, we wait for the timing and circumstance to be JUST RIGHT, standing at the station watching trains go by, certain that the perfect train is yet to come.

I have done some leaping in life and have watched my share of trains go by too.  What I have observed is that there is a distinction between feeling unfulfilled and feeling that you can do something about it. I am sure even the boldest among us have moments of feeling out of control, stuck and helpless.

Then sometimes, lightning just strikes.  The desire that has been bubbling up inside explodes into action.  It can seem random, and maybe it is, but there is also an element of will.   You can become inspired in a multitude of ways.  That inspiration can ignite your desire or it can lead you to chase that desire down.  To catch any dream, you have to be willing to engage in the chase.

Tap into your heart.  Is there a change on your horizon?  Even if you can’t name it, can you feel it?  The feeling is the spark.  Let it simmer.  Get to know it.  Maybe you are clear on what you want, but hesitant, waiting for that last duck to line up just so.  Either way, when the next train comes, I hope you board it.

For those of you mid-flight, keep soaring and keep believing! You have cheerleaders all around, applauding you with gratitude.

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