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Coming out of this loooong, coooolllld, snowwwyyy winter, we are all looking closely for signs of Spring.  Thankfully we see them: the air is starting to shift, the blossoms are beginning to give hints of their arrival and the birds are warming up their voices for a sunrise chirp.

One sign of Spring that has caught my attention unexpectedly this year is laughter.  I hear giggles and guffaws all around, some coming directly from me!   Silliness seems to have sprung.

This eruption of laughter is true cause for celebration.  As we become less guarded against the chill and shed a few layers of clothing, we lighten up.  The skies have cleared giving us the sense that good times may well be imminent.  So we laugh.  It is a fabulous feeling! And to really crack up, I mean fully lose yourself to it, is one of the greatest perks of being human.

If a book or a movie makes me laugh out loud I will love it forever, even if the rest of it was only so-so.  Being in a theatre where the roar of the audience is so large and sustained that the actors have to pause to accommodate it … pure heaven.

Memories of shared laughter are among the best I have.  In a flash I can recall many treasured instances of collapsing into hysterics with those dearest to me.  In fact, the mere thought of  such a moment can trigger me to  laugh out loud at random and, even though it is out of the blue and those nearby have no clue why I’m chuckling,  I simply can’t suppress it.  Nor would I!  Because I know that even if they are looking at me like I’m crazy, they totally get it.  They have been there too and inside they are most definitely smiling.

How about those precious times when you make someone else laugh?  My Dad loved telling a story about me when I was 3 or 4 years old.  We were at the Zoo and out of nowhere I sat down on the ground and started to giggle.  No one knew what had struck me so funny but apparently it was hilarious because I laughed and laughed and laughed until a small crowd gathered around and began to join me in my laughter.  I heard that story from my Dad many times growing up and surely rolled my eyes at him more than once when he started to tell it.  But now, I simply adore that I made him laugh on that day and every subsequent time he told the tale.  To remember that I brought him joy, even in that little way, warms my heart.

Laughter is an eternal gift and I wish you TONS of it.  Indulge your silly side, come out and play, get a little delirious.  Spring awaits you!

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