Find yourself.  Express yourself.  Be yourself.


Generosity is a virtue. It is in the upper echelon of human qualities and luckily, it is quality we all possess. Sharing can manifest in all sorts of ways. We can be generous with our time, our love, our money and even our attention.

Sometimes we encounter obstacles when it comes to being generous. We may feel the need to protect what we have or that we don’t have enough to spare. We may doubt that our offering is worthy of sharing. We may feel depleted, with nothing at all to give.

This is when it is important to check in with our beliefs and also, with how we treat ourselves. I can get in a generous mood for all kinds of reasons, but the single common denominator is this: when I feel good I want to share that goodness.

Taking care of your self is a generous act. If you are kind and loving to yourself, it assures that you step into the world and a kind and loving manner.

So, how much attention, compassion and support do give inwardly? To bolster the generosity inherent within you, contribute to yourself first.

Connect to that place within that feels peace and knows love. If you have trouble finding it, ask yourself: what brings me joy? Listen patiently for the answer and then see if you can give yourself just that.

Dig a little deeper to the place that knows that you already have everything you need. There is plenty, there is abundance. This does require trust, and if this is hard for you, offer yourself compassion, rather than judgment. The seeds of trust only blossom with kindness.

Then go out and exercise your outward generosity. Tip a little extra, spend your time on someone who needs attention, give a gift for no reason, call that person you’ve been thinking about, give away those clothes you never wear. Act on any small idea that comes to you.

You will feel the benefit of these acts immediately. It stimulates a lightness is the soul which can sometimes darken when we feel helpless. In those moments when you feel unsure about your ability to give or your ability to make an impact, ask yourself a simple question: how can I help?

Then turn your generosity back to you. Replenish your spirit, remind yourself how nice it feels to be treated with kindness and compassion. Tap into your sense of abundance. What you have to offer is so valuable, because YOU are so valuable. Treat yourself accordingly!

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