Change comes to me on a breeze. It is a whisper in my ear, a stirring in my belly. It gives voice to a place in my center that says: life is wonderful, but it is time for a shift.

When this breeze of change taps me, I don’t always know what to do with it right away. It takes some processing and logistics and a healthy dose of resistance, too. Change is never easy. Maybe I should just stay right here, what is wrong with right here?

In truth, nothing at all. I take great joy and pride in having many interests and outlets for my work and my creativity. But lately I have felt scattered rather than diverse. So I am ready to, oh so delicately, carve away some things and alter my schedule a bit to reveal … space. What I feel I need most is simply space.

As tempting as it is to have a set plan for filling this space, I don’t have one. I want to offer more energy to the creative aspects of what I do. Muses are tricky. The best way to invite creativity is to make yourself available to it and to bring yourself to the work, even when nothing is coming. To do this, you need to dedicate some time.

So that is what I am doing. Dedicating more time. The change is not huge, actually, though it does impact some of my dear clients, individuals I have considered and worried about while courting these changes. Even though I know that people are amazing, I can still be caught off guard by the depth and quality of their amazing-ness. I have received a great deal of encouragement from the very people most affected by these changes.

I am so grateful. Thank you.

When you get tapped by the breezes of change I hope you listen. It is really your heart speaking to you. Your heart will always point you in the direction of love. A step in that direction is a step forward for sure.

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