Please note: What follows is not a lament on aging. Granted, it may appear so, but really, it is not. Being of a Zen nature and all, I am NOT freaked out to be in my MID-FORTIES! No, no.  No.  I take these things in stride, I look for the good in everything. Even though I now have to squint in order to see ANYTHING.

As the calendar pages peel away like a movie montage, I find myself pondering the concept of time more deeply and more often.

This intensifies in the melancholy month of September, as I mourn Summers hasty end and dread the greedy Winter, which is sure to stretch far beyond its allotted 3 months.

September also happens to be my birthday month. This may contribute to my bafflement with regard to time. It may also contribute to the aforementioned melancholy.

Don’t misunderstand. I am pro-aging! Maturing, enduring and gathering life experiences are privileges. I do, however, object to the fact that my High School graduation was 26 years ago. That is just wrong. Decades are not supposed to fly by so quickly.

I can feel those of you ahead of me in years saying: just wait. I hear you my sisters and brothers, I do.

I am equally fascinated by how time passes. There are moments when it races and I must scurry to catch it, and moments when the second hand slogs along interminably.

An hour spent getting a nice massage and an hour spent waiting for a car repair have very little in common, even though they both claim to be 60 minutes.

How I use and manage my time is also mysterious. Sometimes a few hours can produce two days worth of work, and other times it will take the entire day to do one small thing. Baffling.

But here is what I am 100% clear on. Time is valuable. I bow down to it. If I could find a way to earn time instead of money, I would sign-up for that.

It is also lovely that, when it comes to the march of time, we are all in this together. Time may confuse and elude us sometimes, but it absolutely connects us.

It is a collective heartbeat, a rhythm we can all tap our toes to. We may speak different languages and live in different parts of the World but we all experience the sunrise and the moonrise. We recognize the shape of a day, a week, a month.

We’ve all been acutely aware of time and we’ve all lost track of it. And every one of us knows how it feels to wish for some control over it that we can never attain.

So this is just a reminder to you (and to me!) to go with the flow of time. Appreciate its wackiness and its wonder.

Spend it well, take it often.

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