Passion.  We can yearn for it  like a long lost lover.  It can feel out of reach or far removed. We remember how we felt when we first fell in love, started our career, moved into our home.  We recall a sense of bubbly excitement and compare that with how we feel now.

This comparison does not always bode well for the present moment.  So what do we do?  How do we find our passion and purpose when it feels lost?

Quite simply, sometimes we all need a little spark.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions and it has a sort of mystical quality to it. When I am satisfying my love of travel every other way in which my heart loves feels amplified and refreshed.

Away from the day to day I actually rekindle my romance with my daily life. I recognize that the soulfulness that I feel walking the streets of a foreign city is my soul. It belongs to me and is with me everywhere I go.

If your sense of passion feels tarnished and difficult to touch, the key to polishing it may lie just outside of it.

Doing one thing that you love feeds your spirit.  A nourished spirit has energy to move and play.  It shines brighter, illuminating hidden passions and framing your present life in a fresh, new light.

If you find yourself standing in a place where you don’t know what your passion is, I feel you.  You are not alone.  It becomes a treasure hunt.  The clues are in your heart.  Start by asking yourself: what do I want right now? And, here is the kicker, you have to listen to the answer.

If you want to sit in the garden and stare at the sky do that.  If you want to crawl into bed and read a novel, do that.  So often we dismiss our own desires because they don’t measure up to our idea of “good enough.”

That sit in the garden may lead you to start a landscaping project in your neighborhood. That afternoon spent reading may lead you to write poetry that can inspire the World.

Or maybe sitting in the garden and reading in the afternoon are passions in and of themselves!

Touch your passion by living how you want to live in a single moment.  Those moments add up.  The sum of those moments is a passionate life, a full heart.  A full heart touches many and serves us all.

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