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Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever had the sense that you’re working on something?  Something deep, brewing within you, calling your name.  You are chewing on an idea, dusting off a truth or unpacking a dream.  This “something” is not fully formed but it is lurking. Whatever it is, you can feel it, just at the surface but not fully accessible … yet.

So, what do we do with that?  How do we see it clearly and let is rise?

I equate it with a Rubik’s cube. Certain people (geniuses) can solve it in a single sitting, but not me. I twist it for a while, get happy when I make one side uniform and then to put it down in frustration or apathy, depending.

To get to any incubating seed you have to stay with the cube; keep twisting away, trying different approaches.  Honor the process of processing but at the same time take action; express it, play with it, let it out.   Even in frustration and apathy, we must be willing to spend time with the unknown.

What is it? Why is it? How will it manifest?  Good questions.

The answer to such questions is often: I don’t know.  It is ok not to know, but don’t stop there!  What might be helpful is to say I don’t know but …  Then fill that ellipsis with attempts to figure it out.

In those attempts, why not grant your spirit permission to come up with answers that seem ridiculous or out of reach? Let your imagination run wild, knowing if one vision doesn’t fit, you can let it go and try another.  Your mind can stumble around and be tangential, and still bring you closer to solving the riddle.

If you are seeking clarity or working on any sort of  “something” I have a workshop for you: 10 Days, 10 Questions: A Journaling Experience. It is 10 days of questions and an opportunity to work through the answers in your journal.  It is a truth seeking mission, a liberating playground, a chance to connect with your essence.  It is also a way to find a little affection for your confusion and take pride in the beauty of your quest, even when you feel lost.

The workshop is done via email so you can participate from anywhere and in your own time.  It starts Sunday May 15th.   You can sign-up and get more details right HERE.

I hope you’ll join me.  I’ll be right there with you, working on my own Rubik’s cube 😉

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