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The Season of Not Knowing

Knowing makes me happy.  Knowledge is essential to some of the activities I most enjoy, like planning and teaching and creating.  Oh, and taking quizzes! I love taking quizzes.   I really, really, really like knowing.

These days it is difficult to know anything.  Markers of certainty have vanished.  My shoulders are tired from shrugging.  Aren’t yours?  When it comes to the future, we simply … do … not … know.


It is hard.  There is so much, multi-leveled pain around us and we want to know when it will get better.  But we don’t.  Nobody knows.

There are, however, some ways in which not knowing can be a good thing.  It can:

Make you curious
Send you on a quest
Facilitate growth
Provoke listening
Stoke Ambition
Invite self-inquiry
And, my oh my, how it can humble you
…and strip you of your righteousness.

I do enjoy the sensation of being right (have I mentioned my zeal for quizzes?), but righteousness never feels good.  I much prefer the open doors of not knowing to the barricades of knowing it all.

So I am trying my best to lean into the expansiveness of the unknown. To let the words “I Don’t Know,” roll off of my tongue with reverence rather than resignation.  To be guided by curiosity and a desire to learn and understand.

In this season of not knowing, here are a few things that I DO know relative to my work as a dance & yoga teacher:

I miss my clients
I love teaching classes on Zoom.  Who knew?
Incorporating yoga classes into my Dance Express schedule has been a joy.
I can feel people dancing freely, moving with awareness, and finding their strength from those small boxes on my computer screen.  They inspire me deeply.

When can we safely share the energy of a room together?  I don’t know.  But I know that I relish the thought.
What’s more, I know that there are ample opportunities right now, without anything having to change, for us to enrich our lives by bringing others into it.  It is easy, when disheartened, to forget that.

So this is your reminder.  I’m still here for you.  You’re still there for one another.  I just know it.

Interested in Zoom Dance or Yoga Classes? Schedule is HERE!

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