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Best of Blogs

As I ponder where my writing might take me next, I have compiled some of my favorite blogposts. Sharing these posts has given me great fulfillment through the years and I am so grateful to you for reading them. If I have forgotten to include one of YOUR favorites, please let me know!

Hot Shot : A story of bullying, and forgiveness

Go Ahead and Flop:  A modern dance class gone horribly, humiliatingly wrong (but right)!

Holding Back: Singing out requires letting go

Symphony: A Blog Post in Four Movements:  Me, my Pops, Joshua Bell & the NY Philharmonic

Time and Time Again: A meditation on time’s fickle passing

Seeking Silence:  A celebration of the quiet

Friendship: It is Love:  A tale of best friends offering what they seek to find

Is that Mustard?: A surprising finish to a memorable day

Air: A Diary of Breath: Breathing in the Upper West Side


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