Find yourself.  Express yourself.  Be yourself.


Luisa Tanno

Dance makes my heart want to burst with soulfulness.  As a dance and yoga teacher I get to witness my students light up their movements from within. Oh, how they shine!

In meditation and journaling we connect to our innermost selves so that what we express is authentic.

Hosting creative journaling workshops allows me to witness the brilliant singularity of people from all over.  Awe-inspiring, the things they create and reveal!

Choreographing, singing and writing are like direct links to the universe.  Muses appear out of nowhere to deliver their creative goods.

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is simply watching and listening.   I am an enthralled audience member, sitting in darkened theatres joyously absorbing ART, creation and performance. Watching people express themselves in ways that change the world.

The thing that inspires me most, is you.  The individual.   People express their love in ways that floor me.  It is on display everywhere I look.

You, yes you, make a difference in this World.  Your excellence is your essence.  That essence is a gift to every person you encounter, just as their essence is a gift to you.

I hope you find a little inspiration while you are here. I am so glad you stopped by. It just wouldn’t be the same without you.


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